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How do I know if my child sees poorly?

Monitor my child's vision

A child's eyesight develops from birth, where they have only 1/20th of an adult's eyesight, until around age 5. Small defects often go unnoticed and quickly become problematic when school arrives. Between books, notebooks and boards, sight is the most used sense, at 80% for learning. Here are some tips for detecting my child's vision problems as early as possible.

How do I know if my child has vision problems?

It's good to know that about a third of potential visual defects come from genetics . Parents who wear glasses, pay attention to your child's behavior. Children don't realize they have a vision problem, so they need to be monitored.

Some signs to take into account throughout your childhood:

  • Your child blinks or squints a lot.
  • Your child has red or watery eyes.
  • Your child is fleeing the light.
  • Your child doesn't look directly at you, or turns his or her head to the side to look you in the eye.

From 5-6 years old:

  • Your child is having trouble learning to read.
  • Your child cannot see the board well at school.
  • Your child complains of headaches or abnormal fatigue.

Before the age of 6, it is possible to regain a good part of the child's vision. When these disorders are not properly corrected, vision simply does not develop as it should and the accumulated delay of these disorders results in an uncorrectable acuity defect. This is why it is important to take stock regularly.

What should I do if my child sees poorly?

If you notice a vision problem in your child, or if you simply wish to take a check-up, it is essential to first go to an ophthalmologist , who will be able to tell if your child needs to wear glasses or not.

If he needs glasses, he will need to choose a frame adapted to the child's particular face shape. In this sense, consult an optician specializing in children, who will know how to adapt and adjust the glasses so that your child discovers the world clearly.
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