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Philosophie et engagement écoresponsable

Since its creation in 2009, Acuitis has always sought to integrate social and environmental issues into its development strategy. Guided by our values and helped by our employees, Acuitis contributes every day to the well-being of people with visual and hearing impairments by giving them access to care. Acuitis is committed to continuous improvement through 3 commitments to our mission.

Our mission

We want Acuitis to contribute to offering quality vision and hearing care to as many of our citizens as possible, with a view tosustainability and preserving the planet.
We do this through beautiful gestures, the generosity andbenevolence of our employees and the innovative and responsible development of our products.
In each House, all our customers are considered our guests and our teams are the employees of the Acuitis brand values.

We want to make vision and hearing healthcare accessible to as many people as possible.

And we are committed to :

  • • Offer solutions that are accessible to everyone.
  • • Providing quality advice and appropriate solutions.
  • • Providing quality advice and appropriate solutions.
  • • Putting our expertise at the service of social causes.

We are committed to making happy employees who make happy customers.

And we are committed to :

  • • Sharing the Acuitis culture with all our employees.
  • • Training all our teams to help them grow in their careers.
  • • Promoting inclusion within all our teams.

We are working to make our products and our Houses ever more eco-responsible.

And we are committed to :

  • • Promoting research and development into products with a reduced environmental impact.
  • • Proposing solutions for the end-of-life of our products.
  • • Raise awareness and involve our employees and Guests in our environmental approach.
  • • Make our homes responsible places.

All responsible

Each of these challenges integrates across the board the duty of inclusion, the duty of care and the challenges of integrity and transparency. In particular, this involves co-construction of the Sustainable Development project. Each Acuitis Ambassador is responsible for implementing this approach within his or her team and in relation to all stakeholders.

Our commitment

We are committed to ensuring that our eco-responsible approach always at the service of the Acuitis mission. We undertake to implement a continuous improvement process in line with our philosophy, the ecological challenges of our profession and the expectations of our stakeholders.
Finally, we undertake to involve our stakeholders, in particular our suppliers, in our Sustainable Development approach and to make this Philosophy public.

Thanks to the design of our recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, Acuitis has won the award for Best Environmental Initiative*.

*Awarded by Positive Company® in March 2023.

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