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Hear how beautiful life is

At Acuitis, hearing rhymes with precious. Kind words, music, a first cry, a word of love, a “welcome”… Without these words, their music, our life would not taste the same: This is why we protect, we improve and we correct your hearing.

Correct so as not to miss anything in life

Certified hearing aid specialists, a hearing space with the latest technology and solutions brimming with technical advances at very, very soft prices. Modernity integrated into measuring and adjusting services for your hearing aids to simplify your adaptation journey. And above all, a personalized reception and follow-up by Acuitis experts who take all the time needed for each individual.

Preserve to enjoy

Acuitis is committed to preserving your hearing. Neglecting this gift that life offers us would be an attack on our well-being, on our social life... on this richness, these moments, these emotions that enchant our daily lives. Each of us has the choice to take charge of our hearing by protecting ourselves and our own.

Rediscover the comfort of hearing!

Quickly detect the first signs of hearing loss to improve your quality of life. Make an appointment today with one of our experts to test your hearing.

Hearing aid glasses

With hearing aid glasses, you no longer have to choose between seeing, hearing and indulging yourself. Choose your frame among the unique creations designed by Frédéric Beausoleil.

Hearing essentials

We have selected the most relevant hearing aids for you, so that you can take full advantage of your activities: TV headphones, telephones, alarm clocks...

Discover our custom hearing protections. Moulded to your ears’ orifices, our hearing protections absorb even better the noises around you for guaranteed comfort and protection. Choose your Acuitis hearing protections based on the activity for which you will be using them and there you have it.

Upgrade to make life more intense

Tinnitus, feelings of auditory discomfort, difficulty hearing when you're watching TV or on the phone, need to isolate yourself from extraneous noises... without help, our ears sometimes play tricks on us. One of our reasons for being is to support all those who experience hearing discomfort. Rediscovering the comfort of hearing, better enjoying the pleasures of everyday life and the moments of conviviality that punctuate life, such is the commitment made by our qualified audioprosthetists.

Support and reimbursement

Did you know that there are several organizations allowing you to improve your hearing health?

Depending on certain criteria, government agencies may cover your hearing aids and their associated services. Contact us for more information !

Meet our audiologists

1. I make an appointment with an Acuitis expert and receive my solution on the same day.
2. With the assistance of my hearing aid specialist, I continue to improve my hearing aids.
3. My hearing aids feel comfortable, I am discovering Acuitis innovations and connected features.

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