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Eye exam

At Acuitis, our optometrists are committed to correcting your eyesight and offering you and your family ever greater visual comfort.
It is essential to have your eyesight checked regularly, as it is bound to change over time. Our Maison Acuitis soin visuel is equipped with the latest equipment to carry out your eye checks on site.
Our enthusiastic optometrists will assess your visual acuity, check the health of your eyes and write your prescription for optimum vision.

If you would like an in-store appointment within the next 48 hours, or can't find an appointment that suits you, call the store of your choice directly.

Choosing frames and ophthalmic lenses

Unless you ask around, finding the best pair of glasses can sometimes be complicated.
At Acuitis, our opticians will be delighted to welcome you in person and help you choose a pair of glasses and ophthalmic lenses to suit your style, desires and needs.

Contact lens adaptation

Today, you can wear your contact lenses all day, every day, if you want, with complete peace of mind! As you like, when you like... Vision is clear and contrasted, whatever your correction. Vision is stable in all life situations. Even after the age of 45, you can see comfortably at all distances without having to make any compromises.
Is this your first time? Take advantage of a safe adaptation.

Contact lenses for every need

We'll support you throughout your contact lens adaptation. Our optometrists and dispensing opticians will advise you on the most suitable contact lens for your particular eye and day-to-day needs, and our Acuitis centres are all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your contact lenses are fitted safely and accurately.

Artistic eyewear

Be unique and personalise your Acuitis frame. Colour, edging, temples, matte effect... There are many ways to customise your frame to suit your taste.
Have you had a little accident with your glasses or would you like to give them a new shine? Our Atelier Lunetier will bring your favourite frame back to life.

Your frame isn't comfortable, it doesn't fit on your nose, our prescription opticians offer a free adjustment service even if the frame isn't from Acuitis.

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