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Hyperopia in children

Hyperopia child: what does it mean?

Hyperopia is a very common vision defect in young children . His eye is too “short” and his images are formed behind the retina. He has to make a lot of effort to see clearly. If the hyperopia is mild and the child can do without it, the ophthalmologist may not prescribe glasses . If hyperopia requires it, in this case, he will prescribe wearing glasses!

To maintain clear vision, the child makes more effort to see objects close to him accurately. This effort is natural, parents do not necessarily realize it. There is therefore no obvious sign of hyperopia.

On the other hand, in the event of significant hyperopia, children will complain of headaches and visual fatigue: these are the most common signs!

Hyperopia is corrected with convex lenses (thicker in the center than at the edges, thinning may be possible depending on the degree of hyperopia). The optician will always seek to make the equipment lightest and most aesthetically pleasing for the child. All this while respecting, of course, certain rules and constraints of glass manufacturing.

How can I spot my child's hyperopia?

The most commonly observed signs are:
  • Eye squinting
  • Eye pain, visual fatigue
  • Tearing
  • Regular headaches
  • Blurred vision up close, also far away if hyperopia is severe
  • To prevent hyperopia, it would be good to be vigilant about carrying out regular screening tests (school, pediatrician, PMI, etc.)
Consult an ophthalmologist if there is any doubt or visual disturbance or family history. The sooner the problem is corrected, the more likely it will disappear!
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