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Myopia in children

Myopic child: What does that mean?

Myopia is the result of an eye shape that is too long. The distance between the cornea and the retina being too great, the images sent back to the brain do not appear clearly. Due to this deformation, the myopic child sees blurred from afar.

To help the child develop well, myopia must be identified as early as possible. Indeed, a myopic child who cannot see clearly from a distance may have difficulty recognizing familiar faces. Making him wear glasses will help him in his relationships with others, but not only that! Little myopes can be distracted at school, their attention being disrupted by not seeing the board clearly.

Know that the latest generation lenses not only correct myopia, they also slow it down!

Finally, myopia can be hereditary. Myopic parents have a high chance of passing on their myopia to their child.

Supporting them in wearing glasses is essential and is the work of opticians specializing in children's glasses.

How can I spot my child's myopia?

Observe your child closely to try to spot visual defects. Watch for the following situations:

  • Your child tends to squint to see the board at school.
  • Your child brings his face closer to the sheet on which he is writing or drawing.
  • Your child may complain of frequent headaches or seem tired.
  • Your child has difficulty catching a ball that you throw to him.

Acuitis is committed to the IEMP, Institute of Medical Education and Prevention, to participate in the national myopia information and screening campaign aimed at the general public. Discover our 10 Acuitips here .

Do not hesitate to ask the people who supervise it if they spot this type of situation (nurses, teachers, school doctors, etc.). If in doubt, consult an ophthalmologist.

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