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Color blindness in children

Color blindness: what does it mean?

Color blindness is a vision abnormality affecting color perception . Of genetic origin, it is caused by a deficiency of one or more of the three types of cones of the retina.

Most colorblind people see the surrounding world as clearly as others but cannot distinguish red, green, or blue light well. In rare cases, color blind people do not see any color. The red-green deficit is the most common form. In this case, elements containing red or green (and the resulting colors) cannot be seen correctly.

How can I spot color blindness in my child?

There are very varied forms of color blindness. Screening is simple and is done at school. The school doctor presents the child with boards with colored objects or dots on a background of other colors. Children with color blindness cannot perceive the difference in color and cannot recognize drawn shapes.

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