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Strabismus in children

Strabismic child: what does it mean?

Strabismus corresponds to a misalignment of the two eyes .

Normally, both eyes fixate on the same image, the brain then receives two identical images and models them into a single image. When the two eyes are not aligned, two different images arrive in the brain. This ignores the image of the unaligned eye and only sees the one that is centered (that of the eye that sees more clearly). The child may lose visual acuity in his so-called “lazy” eye.

There are two forms of strabismus:

  • Divergent strabismus: axis of gaze towards the temples, outwards
  • Convergent strabismus: axis of gaze towards the nose, inward (the “cross-eyed” child)
  • There may also be vertical strabismus where the visual axis of one eye is lower than the other.

In the case of strabismus, the ultimate objective is to prevent amblyopia (more or less significant loss of vision in one eye which may be permanent). Permanent wearing of glasses is imperative and can be associated with wearing an occlusion (partial or total) consisting of hiding the efficient eye to force the weaker eye to work.

It is common to see children wearing a cover or total dressing on the eye, under the glasses. This can be purchased in pharmacies.

Or, a partial occlusion or Ryser , placed on the internal face of the spectacle lens. This can be purchased and placed at the optician.

It is therefore imperative to choose good glasses, under the wise advice of a optician specializing in pediatric optics to ensure an optimal visual field.

How can I spot my child's strabismus?

Up to 3-4 months, it is normal to notice a variable alignment of the visual axes due to the gradual establishment of binocular activity of both eyes. From 4 months , in case of doubt and abnormal deviation, you must consult an ophthalmologist quickly . We cannot repeat enough that the earlier the pathology is treated, the more likely the disorder can be corrected.

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